33-0279 - Chrome Headlamp Cowl Kit

33-0279 - Chrome Headlamp Cowl Kit

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Chrome headlamp cowl kit includes housing riser cover H-4 lamp and hardware kit.
Cowl kit includes handle bar riser cover and the bulb is an H4 unit with housing. *Note: UPS may consider this part as packaged oversize for shipment as compared to the actual weight which will result in higher shipping costs.

FLST 1986-2017

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 67907-96,61300420

Suggested Items:
24-0648 - Chrome Riser Cover
33-2004 - 7 H-4 Headlamp Unit

Accessory Items:
33-1820 - Black Headlamp Cowl Kit
33-0092 - Chrome 7 Headlamp Cowl Kit
24-0648 - Chrome Riser Cover
33-0430 - OE Headlamp Cowl Hardware Kit

Tech Notes: 2007 later FLSTF and FLSTB require separate purchase of riser kit OEM 56789-05. 2009 FLSTC requires separate purchase of riser kit OEM 46809-09. Required to use with #33-0430 OE Headlamp Cowl Hardware Kit. Suggested to use with #24-9960 Fork Slider Cover Chrome.
Measurement: Center to Center: 7-7/16 inches