22-0738 - Chrome 1936 Style Hand Shift Lever Set

22-0738 - Chrome 1936 Style Hand Shift Lever Set

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1936 EL style hand shifter lever set is for use on 4 speed ratchet top models. The kit includes pivot tube spring and cup to move on detents and features a smooth gate with detents on the underside of the gate.
Original style lever replicated to exact standards. Threads for knob are 3/8 -24. Kit features a smooth gate for use on a 4-speed ratchet top transmission and a foot jockey clutch. Gate supplied is straight without detents so it can be used with 4 or 5 speed transmission on 3 or 4 speed hand shift. Lever set is a detailed Replica of 1936 only EL OHV Knucklehead so it can be used as a replacement on 1936-46 4-speed ELs and FLs or 4 speed for used on a ratchet top for a custom application for 1936 -46 EL or 1941-46 FL tanks.

FL 1936-1951

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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