Chrome 1-3/4  Seamless Exhaust Clamp Set

Chrome 1-3/4 Seamless Exhaust Clamp Set

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Smooth end exhaust clamp set is used for 1-3/4 extensions or mufflers.
This clamp set provides a smooth look to the pipe and extension connection. Connects 1-7/8 inner diameter mufflers to 1-3/4 header pipes. Clamp is stepped inside to seal exhaust gases in so the black soot residue does not tarnish the pipes at this junction. One side is 1-3/4 inner diameter for exhaust header and 1-7/8 inner diameter for muffler or exhaust fishtail or extension end. NOTE: Sold in a quantity of 2 with allen screws. Clamp area is 27mm in length for each side. The best clamp muffler made! *NOTE: New cast 1 piece with 5/16 -18 allen screw with 1 side tapped for secure fit!

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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