38-0697 - Chopper Axed 2.2 Gallon Gas Tank

38-0697 - Chopper Axed 2.2 Gallon Gas Tank

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Gas tank has a right side petcock opening fuel capacity of 2.2 gallons and a center cap fill. It comes with a screw-in gas cap bung and has front and rear mount tabs.
Check the tank for flaws and fit before painting. It requires sanding and primer. Do not grind or sand the seams or joints. Check the petcock opening making sure the petcock can be easily installed. The petcock fitting should be masked or plugged during painting for easy installation of the petcock. The petcock must be ordered separately. It is suggested to pressure test and use a tank sealer. We suggest using Kreem gas tank combo kit to clean condition and seal to help stop leaks and prevent corrosion. *Note: UPS may consider this part as packaged oversize for shipment as compared to the actual weight which will result in higher shipping costs. The petcock measures 5/8 x 18 and the bung on left side is 1/2 x 20. *NOTE: Gas tank uses screw in JD gas cap available separately.

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #49-1322 JD Gas Cap Bung
Measurement: Left Side Bung: 1/2 inches x 20