32-1782 - Burkhardt Magneto Retard Kit

32-1782 - Burkhardt Magneto Retard Kit

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Burkhard magneto retard kit includes a clear top gasket ignition points and condenser kit and arm with mount pin for installation.
This kit is for right hand (clockwise) rotation magnetos XLCH Panhead clockwise when viewing points cam rotation (only). Can be used on Burkhardt Fairbanks-Morse Joe Hunt and Morris magnetos with left hand roation. *NOTE: This installation will retard the timing on fixed mount magnetos by shifting the points 10 so timing is actually retarded 20 for starting. The lever is then locked in place by a rare earth magnet when in the advanced running position by cap screws as in photo.

FL 1941-1969
G 1937-1973
XL 1957-1970

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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