32-1672 - Black 12 Volt Alternator Generator Conversion Kit

32-1672 - Black 12 Volt Alternator Generator Conversion Kit

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Black alternator bolts on in place of original 12 volt generator. Includes black solid state finned regulator gear gasket and mount screw set. Features higher output 17 amps @ 1000 rpm.
*NOTE: On 1941-57 models generator screw holes must be enlarged to 5/16 for the generator screws supplied. Use helicoil inserts to convert alternator with 5/16-24 thread to 1/4-24 thread to accept early mount bolt set. *NOTE: The outer cover with the large hex nut houses the rotor magnets which are encased ina stainless steel shell. This rotor turns when the engine is running.

FL 1941-1969

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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Accessory Items:
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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #16-0920 Thread Repair Kit Suggested to use with #14-0034 Alternator Seal.