Billet Fat Style Grip Set

Billet Fat Style Grip Set

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Fat billet grip will accept single or dual throttle cable.
Set of two. Match outer diameter of large bars for symmetry.

FL 1974-1984
FLST 1986-2015
FLT 1979-2007
Fx 1974-1984
FXD 1991-2017
FXR 1982-1994
FXST 1984-2015
XL 1974-2022

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

Accessory Items:
41-0190 - Handlebar Grip Adhesive
31-9942 - Chrome Dual Throttle Cable Separator Clamp
36-0613 - 3/8 Wire Clips

Measurement: Outer Diameter: 1.5 inches