16-0435 - Big Twin Rotating / Tilt Engine Stand

16-0435 - Big Twin Rotating / Tilt Engine Stand

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Rotating / tilt engine stand for Big Twins.
*NOTE: Customer must install washers and/or bushings not included at pivot points behind knobs to secure motor for alternate tilt angles.*NOTE: Bolts to mount engine not included. Allen cap screws has a 7/16 hex same as the Harley lug wrench. *NOTE: In order for the 5/8 set screw to engage with the table the motor mount stand must be attached to a steel work bench or a sheet that is steel coated. **NOTE: Use 7/16 allen wrench (HD lug wrench).

EL 1936-1952
FL 1941-1984
Fx 1985-1999
G 1937-1973
W 1937-1952

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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