42-9916 - Battery Extension Box

42-9916 - Battery Extension Box

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Battery box houses 12 volt mini battery raising it to the height of the H-2 6 volt battery. Battery box features a gloss black finish.
For use in wrap around style oil tank to regain the original height so the battery rods may be used. Battery must be spaced as required with foam or other insulating materials. Box will accept mini batteries such as 6 volt 14 amp batter 12 volt battery and 12 volt 5 AH battery. *NOTE: Must order 12 volt mini battery separately. *NOTE: Battery pads not included this is the box only.

Country Of Origin: USA

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Tech Notes: Requires #53-0549 12 volt mini battery Suggested to use with #53-0442 6 Volt 14 Amp Rechargeable Sealed Battery Suggested to use with #53-0444 12 Volt 5 AH Rechargeable Sealed Battery Suggested to use with #53-0505 Mini 12 Volt Battery