17-8231 - Andrews Mainshaft 4th Gear 26 Tooth

17-8231 - Andrews Mainshaft 4th Gear 26 Tooth

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Transmission mainshaft 4th gear is a stock ratio 26 tooth gear and measures 1.6290 outer diameter for loose rollers.
Order seal separately. *NOTE: Requires 88 loose rollers standard size.

FL 1941-1977
Fx 1971-1977

Country Of Origin: USA
OEM Cross Reference: 35065-65B

Accessory Items:
17-0145 - Standard Roller Bearings
17-0690 - Mainshaft Bearing Race Standard
17-6660 - Chrome Transmission Mounting Plate
17-0693 - Main Drive Gear Seal Kit

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #17-0145 Standard Roller Bearings