32-0170 - Accel Electronic Dual Fire Distributor

32-0170 - Accel Electronic Dual Fire Distributor

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Accel Unilite Distributor with billet aluminum housing is dual fire type includes gear and features 12 volt electronic performance.
The electronic ignition module fits inside the distributor so no external box is required. Advance limit is adjustable using specified spring kit. There are no points to adjust or replace. Spark plugs can use larger gaps up to .040. The top can be removed without removal of front cylinder head.

FL 1941-1969

Country Of Origin: USA

Accessory Items:
16-1851 - Flywheel Locking Tool
16-0103 - Circuit Breaker Bolt Wrench Tool

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #32-7792 Dyna coil. Suggested to use #13-0228 spring kit.