11-0289 - 84  Shovelhead Cylinder Kit

11-0289 - 84 Shovelhead Cylinder Kit

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Sifton 3-5/8 cylinder kit is .200 taller for Shovelhead models and is for use with a 4-1/4 storker flywheel.
For installatino of 3-5/8 cylinders after spigot holes have been enlarged. (See diagram for photos.) *NOTE: 3-5/8 cylinders are drilled to use with 4-1/2 stroke. Kit includes front and rear cylinder. Cast pistons with rings that are with a 7.75:1 compression gaskets base nuts and headbolts. These cylinders will require crankcase cylinder spigot holes to be bored out. Disassmbly of engine is required to install these cylinders. *NOTE: The finished bore size is 3.6270 . *NOTE: All cast iron cylinders have same piston to wall clearance .0025 -.003.

FL 1966-1984
FLT 1979-1983
Fx 1971-1984
FXR 1982-1983

Country Of Origin: USA

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