11-0500 - 74  Shovelhead Front Cylinder

11-0500 - 74 Shovelhead Front Cylinder

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Front cylinder fits Shovelhead 1966-1978 74 models. Cylinders are for stock bore stock stroke and compression.
Cylinders must be honed to standard size for proper fit. Sold each. There are nine cooling fins on the cylinder. Piston is not included. *NOTE: All cast iron cylinders have same piston to wall clearance .0025 -.003.

FL 1966-1978
Fx 1971-1978

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 16484-66

Accessory Items:
16-0622 - Ring-O-Matic Ring Compressor Tool Kit
16-1728 - Pushrod Cover Clip Tool

Measurement: Cylinder Base Height: 5/8 inches