33-1008 - 7  LED Headlamp Assembly by Wyatt Gatling

33-1008 - 7 LED Headlamp Assembly by Wyatt Gatling

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7 LED headlamp assembly with turn signals features six white LED's on both sides of the bulb. Bulb fetures a parabolic lens design and the LED's act as running lights or turn signals.
The super bright white 12-volt bulb features low and high beam which reflects its light from the inside providing better visibility for the rider and surrounding traffic. This headlamp requires no special wiring. The high beam is 1.8 amps and the low beam is 1.2 amps. *NOTE: 1999-2013 FLT models will require mounting bracket. **NOTE: D.O.T. approved.

FLH 1960-1984
FLST 1986-2022
FLSTC 1992-2008
FLSTF 1992-2008
FLT 1994-2013

Country Of Origin: SOUTH KOREA

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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #31-0080 7inch Headlamp Bracket to install on 1999-2013 FLT models.