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New technology, state-of-the-art, Micro-Processor Controlled 1 and 3 amp Motocell"! Battery Charger/Maintainers are here. Charge time is equivalent to larger conventional/outdated technology 2 and 6 amp tapered chargers, yet Motocell Battery Chargers maintain your battery at 100% charge and de-sulfate (clean) and condition it while it s not in use. This insures extended battery life and Motocell Battery Chargers will not overcharge your battery! Perfect for charging motorcycle and powersports batteries and then maintaining them at 100% charge even while in extended storage. Motocell Battery Chargers are now available to motorsport enthusiasts wantingthe best battery chargers that money can buy... anywhere! Most battery chargers for 12-volt batteries are 1.25 amps. The Motocell"! 3 amp constant current charger will fully charge a battery 3 to 4 times faster than 1.25 amp chargers. The large transformers used in old technology tapered chargers have the disadvantages of high heat generation, greater weight, and lower efficiency. Motocell Battery Chargers have a 100% Full Replacement Lifetime Warranty " Boasting a longevity rating of over 30,000 power-on-hours (POH) " Based on new Switchmode technology, Motocell Battery Chargers are much smaller in size, lighter in weight, more efficient, and charge batteries much faster than tapered chargers " These super chargers are ideal for storage and overnight charging of all motorcycle and powersports 12-volt batteries " Constructed to protect its circuitry from reverse polarity, short circuit, A/C surge, over-voltage and over-current " All models are CSA and UL approved " Soft start and stop eliminates sudden current rush, protecting both the battery and other circuits within the vehicle " Automatic cut-off and then true float mode. The battery can be left connected for weeks, months, or even years without harm, while maintaining a full charge " Simple, easy to understand LED. Red for charging. Green for fully charged " Automatically adjusts voltage when temperature is over 75° F " Will not generate excessive radiated or conducted emissions (EMI) " Lightweight and compact, and fully automatic " Suitable for all 12-volt batteries, including gel cell " Come complete with alligator clips and ring terminals " 3 amp charger measures 41/2" x 21/4" x 11/4" and weighs 11 ounces including cables " 1 amp charger measures 31/2" x 21/4" x 11/2" and weighs 8 ounces including cables