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Source: Custom Chrome

Looking for a powerful, dependable, beautiful motor to inject some fresh muscle into your ride? Look no further than the RevTech® 110 from Custom Chrome. Our engineers and technicians spent thousands of hours developing the RevTech® 110 with three major goals, high performance, exceptional reliability, and head-turning good looks. Real world performance; it s what we all need and what defines the RevTech® brand. That s why the RevTech® 110 was engineered to make huge power, early and long. With an ideal bore and stroke combination of 4" by 4 3/8", we designed a wide power band for all occasions, whether ripping through the gears or grabbing a handful to pass, loaded down, riding two-up. With over 115 horsepower and 120 ft/lbs of torque, you ll have more than enough ponies for whatever type of riding you do. Out on the streets it s far more fun to show off your ride than to explain why it s in the shop again. That s why we ve built the RevTech® 110 to be virtually indestructible. We began by designing new crankcases and then created a new manufacturing process to make them! Next, we developed flywheels and connecting rods forged from the most advanced steel available. Even our new crank pin is special, it s made of aircraft grade roller bearing material, we would tell you more but then we d have to kill you! If your bike hauls butt and doesn t break, why shouldn t it look great too? When designing the RevTech® 110, we paid special attention to making it the best looking motor available. Check out the blind case bolts, flawlessly matched crankcase halves, and smooth crankcase-to-cylinder-base profile. And don t forget the john reed design"! rocker boxes and the machined fin edges on the barrels and heads. Who else sweats the details like this? This all adds up to what we believe is the best engine available for your ride. What makes it all the more sweet is that the price is right and we make it in three finishes to match your taste and your budget. So yank that anemic Evolution® motor out of your frame and replace it with some real muscle, RevTech® muscle. Crankcases: " Cast from 356-T6 aluminum with wall thickness optimized for maximum strength " Advanced one-piece casting and machining techniques allow for near perfect case half alignment " Blind case bolts for cleaner appearance " Smooth crankcase deck to cylinder base profile for cleaner appearance " 7/16" cylinder studs proven in drag racing applications Flywheels: " Connecting rods and flywheels forged from 4340 chromemoly steel - the strongest material available for these applications " Larger straight 1 1/2"-diameter pressed-in crankpin using RevTech® s proprietary extreme-duty military-grade steel Oiling System: " The most advanced oil scavenging system produced yet for air-cooled V-twin applications resulting in better reliability and increased horsepower " 3:1 ratio oil pump drive gears and high volume oil pump enable significantly increased lubrication and cooling " Piston cooling oil jets for better heat dissipation Cylinders: " 4"-bore with 4 3/8"-stroke for ideal high torque/high horsepower output " More fin area for increased cooling " Machined fin edges for better appearance " Forged Wossner slipper-skirt pistons with moly coating Heads: " New RevTech® roller rockers " john reed design"! sculpted two-piece rocker boxes " More fin area for increased cooling " Machined fin edges for better appearance Carburetion: " Mikuni HSR 45 " Intake manifold matched to heads for ideal flow efficiency " Low profile air cleaner design for high performance while providing improved rider comfort Ignition: " Self contained solid-state ignition Cam: " Andrews EV72 .560" lift cam for good performance and easy starting