SKU: 650643

KENDON 18" Stainless Steel WORK TRAY

Source: Custom Chrome

Kendon Lifts no space? No problem! Heavy-duty, full-sized motorcycle lifts for the shop or the home. The Kendon Stand Up Motorcycle Maintenance Cruiser Lift, Chopper Lift, and Sport Lift are completely redesigned for 2007, utilizing super-strong rectangular tubing in the scissor mechanism. Another great feature is the removable rear section and front wheel loop. Simply raise the motorcycle off of the bed of the Lift (using the optional Frame Jack) and remove the rear section or the front section of the integrated Wheel Chock Assembly to get complete access to the rear or front wheels of the motorcycle. All three are full-sized lifts that are completely portable and can be stored in a space about 18" x 24". All three lifts can be positioned to three different heights using an air-over-hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower them, and are completely portable. The Cruiser and Chopper Lifts will raise 1,000 pounds, and the Chopper Lift can accommodate a Chopper up to a maximum wheel base of 120 inches. The Sport Lift will raise 600 pounds. All three are completely powder coated for a long-lasting attractive finish, and have some great optional accessories too! All of them can use the Oil Drain Pan, the Frame Jack (used to raise the motorcycle for access to the font or rear wheels), and the 18-inch stainless steel service tray (the Cruiser and Chopper Lifts can also use the 36-inch tray).