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Zipper s and Thunder Heart Performance have joined forces to develop the ThunderMax EFI Controller, a completely stand-alone replacement Engine Control Module (ECM)! Thunder Heart s cutting-edge technology combined with Zipper s expertise in performance provides the rider with the best products possible. After 3 years of testing and development, the ThunderMax EFI Controller is here! The ThunderMax is an Alpha-N based system, meaning it relies on RPM and throttle position only; it does not use data from the MAP sensor. The uneven firing pulses of H-D® engines, and common plenum manifold can confuse the MAP sensor, and cause it to supply fuel and spark from the wrong block, resulting in poor performance. For this type of system to work properly, it requires many more blocks on the look-up table. This ECM covers the bases with a system that operates using 1,984 points! Simply put, regardless of throttle position and engine RPM, there is a block on the look-up table to address the engine's needs in that situation. ThunderMax s processor can keep up with the ever- changing demands, rewarding you with a powerful engine that runs very smoothly and efficiently " Replacement system for OEM system on Harley Davidsons " Bolts on 2001-2007 EFI Big Twin models and 2008 FXST, FXD (no Touring Models) " Easy plug in installation - no mapping or dyno required! " Fuel injection continually tunes as you ride " Increased horse power, torque, and fuel economy " Increased throttle response " Improved driveability " Lowers engine temperatures " Engine/exhaust specific map included " Minimizes annoying exhaust popping " Adjustable idle and rpm limit " Includes software for easy fine tuning " Increase horsepower and fuel economy " Adapts to aftermarket and all performance upgrades " Fuel injection that continually tunes your ride