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Source: Custom Chrome

This tool is a must for the big cubic inch late model Twin Cam engine builder. It may also be used to replace bearing for stock 88" or 96" engines. Utilizing the special JIMS precision insert, it is designed to easily and accurately convert the left side crankshaft roller bearing (H.D. No.24604-00D) to the more durable Timken Bearing (H.D. No.9028). This insert is manufactured from aluminum that is several times stronger than the aluminum case material the standard bearing rides in. The Tool Includes: " A new steel bearing insert held to under .0002 TIR (total indicator reading). " A press plate that will hold the bearing insert in line with the case bearing bore at the time it is being pressed into case. " All the necessary drill bits to drill oil feed and return holes, hardware, and detailed instructions. This job can be performed with normal hand tools, a hand drill, and a 2 ton press.