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FXST/FLST'S 91+, 5-SPEED FL/FLH/FLT 80-96, XL 97+ AND FXD 91+ X1, S3, S3T, M2 & RR1000 6-7/78 X 3-7/16 X 6-1/8 BB350

Source: Custom Chrome

BIG BOAR Batteries Big Boar Products introduced dry cell battery technology to the V-Twin industry 11 year ago and the users of their batteries have enjoyed one of the lowest failure rates in the industry. " Big Boar 350 series batteries supply a conservatively ranked 350 cold cranking amps (by far the most powerful battery its size). It has the power to spin today's big inch, high compression motors without a whimper. Even bikes with 131 cu in. engines and 10 to 1 compression ratios will turn over with ease. " The total seal -- total safe maintenance free design prevents chrome or paint damage from leaking acid. " Heavy internal connectors, heavy-duty separators, heavy-duty terminals and more lead plates make this the baddest battery on the block. More lead plates than competition = more CCA's. " Custom builders who require more capacity from their batteries can rest assured either the BB1000 (with 650 cca's) or the BB450-B (with 750 cca's) can fulfill most power requirements. " As custom frame builders constantly find the need for smaller batteries, the BB312 fills this niche without a hitch and is multi positional and vibration resistant. " The BB312 is not recommended for large displacement engines with high compression and the battery warranty will be void unless it is used with a charging device such as Battery TenderTM brand chargers. " All Big Boar batteries are made in the USA and feature a full 1-year replacement guarantee. (BB1000 carries a 2-year replacement guarantee).