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Complete fuel injected T124 engines for 199906 models come with the S&S Variable Fuel Injection VFI Module and SS single bore induction system with a teardrop air cleaner. Engines can easily be upgraded to SS single bore tuned induction with a simple bolton induction kit. See page 524 for more information The VFI system included with each fuel injected engine, comes with closed loop sensors and the complete SS ProTune II software package. Delphi® style systems also include knock sensors and break-in rev limiting to protect your engine from damage. Base maps for T124 engines with the most common exhaust systems are available on the software CD and from the S&S website. However, it is recommended that the VFI System be fine tuned at an S&S VFI Tuning Center. Since we have added the S&S Closed Loop Sensor Kit to all VFI equipped engines, tuning is much easier and the amount of dyno time required to fine tune the engine is greatly reduced.