SKU: 601741


S&S 93 Cubic Inch Assembled Alternator/Generator Shovel Engine 8.5:1 Chrome, Cast Piston, 585 Cam, 3-5/8" Bore Evo Style Cam & Tappets, Standard Rotation Drive Gears, S&S Ignition, 2 Year Warranty

Source: Custom Chrome

Completely assembled, and feature bulletproof crankcases, flywheels, cylinders and heads, and finish the engine with their new premium valve train components. S&S billet gear cover, tappet guides, and rocker boxes look outstanding, and offer the kind of performance you have come to expect from S&S. The new tappet guides are designed around the quiet and dependable tappets installed in Evolution® Big Twin engines. Corrected tappet guide bore geometry assures proper valve timing using cams styled after those found in Evolution® engines. The unique adjustable pushrods are collapsible for easy removal and installation, but are stronger than their older counterparts. Inside the billet rocker covers are S&S s straight rocker shafts and the new S&S forged roller rocker arms (also available separately). The result is Shovelhead engines with the kind of quiet power that some folks may just have a hard time believing, and they are covered by a two year warranty! A new addition is the 93" Alternator/Generator engine. This is the perfect engine for that Retro build, but with a modern alternator charging system. In addition, its late-style sprocket shaft permits the use of 5 and 6 speed transmissions for additional functionality. CC#601740 is an Alternator Shovelhead engine with 8.2:1 compression cast pistons, 3-5/8" bore, 4-1/2" stroke, an S&S 585 cam, billet gear cover, updated cam and tappets, and a new Super Stock ignition system. CC#601741 is an Alternator/Generator Shovelhead engine with 8.5:1 compression cast pistons, 3-5/8" bore, 4-1/2" stroke, an S&S 585 cam, cast gear cover, updated cam and tappets, a new Super Stock ignition system and stock rotation cam drive gears. It requires use of a stock or custom 1966 thru 1969 exhaust system.