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Dakota Digital Hooded Style Speedometer/Tachometer Information Center. Connects to STK Speedometer Transmission Pick-Up. Mount Brackets Sold Separately.

Source: Custom Chrome
Dimensions: 6-1/4" x 2-1/8" x 2-3/8" *D
* depth is measured at the widest point.
* 0-199 MPH or KM/H Speedometer
* 0-8,000 RPM Bar Graph Tachometer with 0-16,000 numeric readout
* Oil Pressure Gauge, (sender included)
* Voltmeter
* Fuel Level Gauge, (bike must be equipped with a stock sender)
* Gear Position Readout
* Clock
* Million Mile Odometer with Dual Trip Meters and Countdown Service Meter
* Turn Signal, High Beam, Neutral, Low Oil, Low Fuel, Low Voltage, Service Engine/Wait to Start Indicators
* Performance Displays such as 0-60 MPH/KM/H Timer, 1/4 Mile Time and Speed, High Speed and RPM Recall
* Positive Locking Connectors for all Wires