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QUANTUM CHOPPED HEAVY DUTY? WIDE FRAME WINDSHIELD (National Cycle) The famous Heavy Duty? line of superior quality windshields features hardcoated Lexan® polycarbonate construction, polished chromed steel outer hardware and black epoxy coated inner hardware*. Available in two frame widths and six styles to suit any rider and any cruiser motorcycle. Classic style with adjustable center window. Chrome plated Heavy Duty? Mount Kits are bike-specific and are sold separately.

Wide Frame or Narrow Frame?
Heavy Duty Windshields are in Wide and Narrow Frame to provide you a selection of sizes and looks for your motorcycle.

The vertical frame measurement is based on the center line of the fork and the necessary hardware is included to accommodate the differences between the windshield frame and the motorcycle. Therefore, the Mount Kit required will vary depending on windshield choice. KIT-CTA HD WINDSHELD MOUNT FITS: Honda, MODEL: F6C Valkyrie, YEAR: 97-03 - Mount Kit
    OEM Number: KIT-CTA Manufacturer: NATIONAL CYCLE