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When the decision has been made to build that high-compression or big-inch engine, besides considering a battery with higher cold cranking amps and upgraded battery cables, there s another motor to be considered& namely the starter motor. Depending on the compression, cam and ignition timing, the stock 1.2 Kw (1.4hp) starter simply won t cut it. Bigger motors need a high torque starter. Most motors under 96ci should start easily with a 1.4 Kw (2.0hp) starter motor. In the marketplace you can acquire 1.5 Kw, 1.6 Kw, 1.7 Kw, 1.8 Kw, 2.0 Kw to turn over that big inch motor. Which one do you choose? Terry Components made it simple and a cost effective way to kick over that big inch motor with the right choice using a 1.8 Kw The Slugger starter. This starter puts out the same amount of torque as a 2.0 Kw with less amperage drain. Sometimes you just need to Slug it out.