32-1651 - 45  WR Idler Gear Stud Spindle

32-1651 - 45 WR Idler Gear Stud Spindle

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45 WR magneto idler gear stud spindle for forward mount Burkhardt magnetos which relocates the idler gear.
The shaft diameter is 9mm for bearing. Bearing required is included with the idler gear. *NOTE: Must order the gear separately. **NOTE: Check the height of the idler gear when installed in idler gear position milling will be required to lower stud for correct alignment. The idler gear spindle stud/tab must be stabilized so it does not rotate.

G 1937-1973
W 1937-1952

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

Accessory Items:
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32-1256 - WR Forward Magneto Tapered Drive Gear
32-1570 - XR/WR Inner Magneto Mount Plate
10-1299 - XR/WR Magneto Idler Gear with Holes

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #10-1184 WR Magneto Drive Gear.