17-4500 - 45  4-Speed Transmission Assembly

17-4500 - 45 4-Speed Transmission Assembly

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This 4-speed transmission comes completely assembled with all gears shaft and covers installed for a quick straight- forward installtion. It accepts original primary drive with clutch and the chain sprocket with cover.
Looks the same as a 3-speed unit the only extra part required is a 4 speed shifter gate. The original 3 speed transmission is the large gear ratio difference between 1st and 2nd i.e. from 2.47 to 1.57:1 with a consequent big rpm drop. The 4 speed version with its extra gear allows you to stay in the power band much better for performance. Includes a parkerized sprocket cover with arm black solo kick start arm black pedal assembly clutch hub without rollers and a 17 tooth countershaft sprocket. The shift pattern follows: 1st gear is forward neutral 3rd and 4th gear are back towards rider as seated on motorcycle. Shift pattern uses 4-speed gate and rod with clevis. Shift lever all the way to the rear ball detent in first gear pocket for lever position during assembly. Order clutch pack separately. *NOTE: Lever all the way towards the rear is first gear! **NOTE: The 4-speed tank shift gate is available separately for the early cateye tanks or the late tanks of 1948-1973.

G 1947-1964
W 1941-1952

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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Tech Notes: Stock 3-Speed Gear Ratios: 1st - 2.47:1 2nd - 1.57:1 3rd - 1:1 4-Speed Gear Ratios: 1st - 2.67:1 2nd - 2.03:1 3rd - 1.42:1 4th - 1:1. Suggested to use with #49-0076 Chrome Left Side Tank Hand Shifter Gate for 1936-1946 models. Suggested to use with #21-0522 4-Speed Shifter Gate Chrome for 1947-1964 models. Suggested to use with #17-9836 Transmission Thrust Washer Left Side Suggested to use with #17-1763 45 Transmission Outer Thrust Washer Suggested to use with #17-0493 45inch WL 4-Speed Transmission Ratchet Shifter Gear