24-2048 - 41mm Fork Spring Kit

24-2048 - 41mm Fork Spring Kit

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Progressive fork spring kit 41mm feature high quality and high performance.
Springs eliminate front end sag reduces nose dive under braking improves cornering stability increases ride comfort and allows forks to utilize full travel.

FL 1948-1984
FLST 1986-2022
FLT 1980-2013
Fx 1980-1986
FXDWG 1993-2006
FXST 1984-2022
FXWG 1980-1986

Country Of Origin: USA

Accessory Items:
41-0148 - 10W Fork Oil
41-0136 - 20W Fork Oil
24-0361 - 41mm Fork Damper Valve

Measurement: Length End-to-End: 15-7/8 inches