35-0990 - 40mm CV Carburetor Assembly Black

35-0990 - 40mm CV Carburetor Assembly Black

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40mm CV carburetor features a black finish and is without accessories.
The main jet installed is #190. Carburetor includes bracket for dual push-pull throttle and idle cable installation. Early applications will allow use of a single pull throttle installation as the throttle idle bracket does not allow enough clearance for Shovelhead Panhead and Knucklehead engines. *NOTE: Recommended installation components are as folows: CV carburetor adapter flange carburetor base gaskets handlebar throttle cable assembly single carburetor support bracket carburetor choke cable bracket and 40mm V-Twin CV intake manifold seal. Use 1-3/8 bolts to attach carburetor cover available separately.

FLST 1988-2006
FLT 1990-2006
FXD 1991-2005
FXR 1990-1994
FXST 1988-2006
XL 1988-2006

Country Of Origin: CHINA
OEM Cross Reference: 27421-99C

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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #35-9150 CV Carburetor Adapter Flange. Suggested to use with #15-0142 Carburetor Base Gaskets. Suggested to use with #35-0700 Handlebar Throttle Cable Assembly Single. Suggested to use with #31-9949 Carburetor Support Bracket Zinc Plated. Suggested to use with #35-0681 Carburetor Choke Cable Bracket Chrome. Suggested to use with #14-0180 40mm V-Twin CV Intake Manifold Seal. Suggested to use with #34-1763 Wyatt Gatling Teardrop Carburetor Cover