43-9105 - 4-Speed Transmission Case Ratchet

43-9105 - 4-Speed Transmission Case Ratchet

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4-speed transmission case is ratchet type.
Case accepts Torrington style 4th gear bearing and reverse gear idler shaft. Loctite recommended for mount stud installation. No Manufacturer's Statement of Origin required Bill of Sale only. Includes 3 sets of studs installed with the following protrusions: kicker - 7/8 (22.2mm) mount - 15/16 (23.8mm) and the inner primary 15/16 (33.8mm) for kick start applications. *NOTE: Bushings are not installed. **NOTE: Technician must remove/check material for speedometer drive clearance.

FL 1977-1979
Fx 1977-1978

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 34702-78

Accessory Items:
43-9121 - Hitachi Starter Housing Kit
43-0783 - Replica 4-Speed Transmission Case Rotary

Tech Notes: Accepts #12-0300 Torrington style 4th gear bearing. Suggested to use #17-0101 bearing retainer on 1981-1984 Suggested to use #17-9883 housing on 1981-1984 models Bill Of Sale Only.