43-0481 - 4 Speed Kick Starter Cover Kit Alloy

43-0481 - 4 Speed Kick Starter Cover Kit Alloy

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4 speed kick starter cover kit is cable operated with internal ball ramp activation and kicker bushings installed. The cover features a cast aluminum construction with a shot peen alloy finish.
Kit includes 4-speed cover ball ramp assemlby and cable. Kick starter cover design first developed by Tom Rodan Cycle in California and produced by Lefco Robert Leffer's Company in the late 1970's. Robert's father who also operated Lefco was good friends with Rob Paugh of Paughco. The ball ramp mechanism is 3 ball type as used on late Softail models. Designed to eliminate the clutch arm which would interfere with the V-Twin #32-1502 York Electric Start Kit installation.

FL 1941-1984
Fx 1971-1984

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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