24-0454 - 33.4mm Fork Damper Tube Kit

24-0454 - 33.4mm Fork Damper Tube Kit

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Damper kit with steel legs includes damper tubes with rings screws washers lower stops slider seal washers and retaining rings for both sides.
Order stock hard chrome fork tubes piston damper set springs and quantity two of top plugs to convert early 1952-1970 steel legs. *NOTE: Technician may be required to drill the steel lower legs on 1952-1970 K and XL models to accept a larger damper bolt Hard Chrome tubes and springs.

Fx 1971-1972
XL 1968-1972

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

Accessory Items:
24-0145 - 33.4mm Fork Bushing Set
24-0012 - Hard Chrome 33.4mm Fork Tube Set 22-3/4 Total Length
24-0315 - XL Fork Bushing Set
7621-1 - Chrome Fork Tube Cap

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #24-0012 Hard Chrome 33.4mm Fork Tube Set 22-3/4inch total length. Suggested to use with #24-0900 33.4mm Fork Tube Spring Set. Suggested to use with #7621-1 Chrome Fork Tube Cap.