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YUASA® Batteries Yuasa® has been manufacturing motorcycle batteries in the USA since 1979 and is the largest manufacturer of motorcycle batteries in the USA. All Yuasa® batteries feature the following: " Patented sealed post and heat-sealed case to cover prevent acid seepage, reduce corrosion and give the battery extra strength. " Polypropylene cover and container assure reserve electrolyte capacity for cooler operating temperatures and gives greater resistance to gas, oil and impact in extreme weather conditions. " Thru-partition construction provides shorter current path with less resistance than 'over the partition' construction, giving more cranking power. " Special grid design withstands severe vibration, assuring maximum conductivity. High Performance Maintenance Free Batteries " Up to 30% more cranking power than YuMicron thanks to radial grid design and additional plates " Lasts up to three times longer than conventional batteries " Plus all the outstanding features of a maintenance free battery! Maintenance Free Batteries " Sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery never needs refilling " Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology eliminates water loss " Spill-proof design means virtually no possibility of leaks " Advanced lead-calcium technology pumps up starting power " Holds voltage longer and needs less charging when battery is in standby or storage conditions " Shipped dry with high gravity electrolyte (except CC #2831647, which is factory sealed and charged) YuMicron CX Batteries " YuMicron CX was the first small engine battery to use "lead calcium" technology. " 5% to 8% more cold cranking amps than YuMicron battery. " Reduces water loss to about one-eighth that of lead-antimony batteries. YuMicron Batteries " High technology separators allow two extra plates per cell for a 30% improvement in cranking performance over a conventional battery. Conventional Batteries " These workhorse batteries are designed specifically for applications requiring operation on uneven surfaces and vibrating environments.