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Source: Custom Chrome

These ring sets are manufactured by Hastings® and are the ideal combination of design and materials that work together as a team, delivering full power and lasting oil and blow-by control. All ring faces are pre-lapped for easier seat-ing, and in the moly sets, the compression ring features a moly insert on its barrel face de-sign. The exclusive Flex-Vent oil control ring is the easiest of all designs to install because there are no right sides up or sides down. It can t overlap, can t gouge and can t be installed wrong. The 80-plus shoulders on the die-formed stainless-steel stress relieved spacer-expander exerts uniform pressure on the rails assuring positive oil control, and with its open design affords 200% greater drainage capacity than conventional designs. Even with all these features, Hastings® rings are made available by Custom Chrome® at a low, affordable cost, resulting in the ideal combination of performance and value. All Motor Factory® Piston Rings are sold in sets for two pistons with the exception of the rings for 883cc and 1100cc Evolution® Sportster® models, which are sold in single cylinder sets only.