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10 Drain plug, engine, 1986 - 2003

Source: Custom Chrome

Features include an improved oil pressure regulation system that ensures perfect oil control to all areas of the motor, especially during initial start-up. All the oil line fittings and mounting hardware are chrome-plated. The oil pump body and cover are highly polished and have a redesigned smooth outer surface with counterbored holes for the sockethead mounting hardware. The oil feed line can be routed to the stock location at the top of the cover or directly to the pressure gears through a fitting located at the bottom of the cover. Engines 1970 thru 1980 will require a small drilling operation, and 1970 thru 1972 engines will also need a plugging step. Each kit includes all the snap rings, keys, gaskets, shaft, fittings, mounting hardware (1/4"-24 early-style and 1/4"-20 late-style) and detailed instructions.