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Source: Custom Chrome

Custom Chrome s spoke sets use nothing but the best 6/8 gauge carbon and polished stainless steel materials, but we ve put a new twist on them for a great custom look. Flat spokes are our regular spokes with the body rolled for a flattened profile. Add a few twists for the great-looking twisted sets that create wheels that throw light in all directions in a kaleidoscope of colors and highlights. Flat, twisted and regular round spokes come in polished stainless steel and chrome-plated carbon steel sets. Tips On Choosing Spokes On the following pages are the variety of stock and custom rims and hubs available from Custom Chrome® or Harley-Davidson®. Use the illustrations to determine hub and rim combination, then select the spoke set to complete your wheel. For example: an aluminum 1974 thru 1977 front hub for FX models laced with Twisted stainless steel spokes to a chrome 21" Akront drop center aluminum rim for an FXWG (shown in illustration J ), uses CC #08215 spoke set. The rim illustration guide shows basic rim shape, and position of the spoke holes in relation to each other. This should help identify the rim you have or want to buy.