SKU: 092951

GASKETCYL HEAD 3PC .040 EVO FL/FX'84-99XL 1200'88-99

Source: Custom Chrome

Tired of blown head gaskets and oil leaking around the base gaskets? These gaskets made by Cometic are the cure. They re specially-designed to withstand the demands of high-performance engines. The head gaskets consist of three steel layers. The two outer layers are made of .008" stainless spring steel embossed with sealing rings on each layer at the cylinder bore and dowel pin holes. Both outer layers are coated with .001" high-temp NBR (Nitrile butadyne rubber) on each side which microseals the head to the cylinder. Between the two outer layers is a .020" layer made of aluminized stainless steel that will not flash rust. The gaskets are riveted together, keeping the layers perfectly aligned during the engine building process. This unique design achieves superior sealing without using dowel pin O-rings, a big plus for larger bore engines. The base gaskets are of single-layer .020" stainless steel construction, with embossed sealing rings, and feature the .001" NBR coating on each side for superior sealing. A slot at each corner of the base gasket vents each of the four stud chambers to the outside. The slots vent the stud chambers, ending the cycle of expansion and contraction of trapped air in the stud chamber as the engine heats up and cools down. This cycle is the cause of engine oil being drawn up and then forced out from under the base gasket. The embossed design combined with the notches virtually eliminates oil leaks at the base gaskets. These are the best gaskets you can buy! Sold in pairs.