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FI2000 TRIPOT VTX18C/R/S 02-07

FI2000 DIGITAL FUEL PROCESSOR (Cobra USA) The Fi2000 is the single best way to tune fuel-injected motorcycles in order to eliminate lean air/fuel mixture settings. It's simple to install, works with any exhaust system stock or aftermarket, and requires no additional dyno testing or mapping. This is plug-andplay technology at its best.

It's the perfect tool to fine tune FI engines quickly, easily, and economically. Because each Fi2000 is tuned to a specific brand and model, it is preset with the optimal settings for each machine.

The Fi2000 and the Fi2000R function exactly the same, the difference lies in how they connect. The Fi2000 uses T-tap connectors whereas the Fi2000R connects with its O.E.M.-style connectors directly to the engine's fuel-injector bodies. FI2000 TRIPOT VTX18C/R/S 02-07 FITS MODEL: VTX1800C/S/R, MAKE: Honda, YEAR: 02-up - Fi2000 Digital Fuel Processor
OEM Number: 92-0650 Manufacturer: COBRA