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Daytona Twintec ignition fits 84-99 evo big twin, 71-97 sportsters, & 70-84 shovelhead big twins

Source: Custom Chrome
These ignitions are an upgrade from the non-adjustable stock OEM unit, and feature advanced electronics set into a machined billet aluminum housing. Rotary switches are used to set the operating modes (such as single or dual fire), adjust the timing advance, and select the RPM limit. Two diagnostic LEDs indicate the status and the state of the vacuum switch (VOES). The status LED is also used to indicate top dead center (TDC) for easy timing set-up. A special feature allows use of the tachometer wire for a link to a laptop PC. Windows compatible software is freely available for download at the company website.

Instructions for the Daytona Twin Tec 1005 are here