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FUEL TANK SELECTOR (Golan Products Inc.)
  • Uses the same mechanism as the Ball petcocks with 90 degree detent movement between ?ON? to ?OFF? to ?RESERVE?
  • Comes with 2 swivel inlet fittings. In the ?OFF? position both inlets and outlets are ?SHUT OFF?, making it a real fuel tank selector not a fuel tank equalizer
  • 2 hoses come from the gas tank, one for ?ON? position and the other for ?RESERVE?, hoses can come from the very end of the fuel tank, allowing you to use 100% of fuel capacity. In some applications crossover outlets can be used
  • The idea behind the Selector is the option of mounting the fuel valve at any desired location
  • For the Choppers especially, where the fuel tank bottom shows, this will keep the fuel tank bottom clear from hoses or petcock, also most stretched fuel tanks and Chopper tanks are usually raised up in the front section and installing a petcock in front or middle part of the tank, will not allow to drain or use all the gasoline in the tank
FUEL TANK SELECTOR W/FACE PLT Fuel Tank Selector with Face Plate
OEM Number: 77-600G Manufacturer: Golan Products