32-3053 - Twin Tec Internal Ignition System

32-3053 - Twin Tec Internal Ignition System

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Twin Tec internal ignition has a billet aluminum housing with wide timing advance adjustment range which accommodates stock to highly modified engines.
With this ignition you are able to select single or dual fire mode and multi spark mode for quick starting and a smooth cruise. RPM limit can be set digitally at 100 RPM steps and has coil outputs to protect against short circuits. This ignition is intended for electric start applications. *NOTE: ARB compliant E.O. No. D-641.

FL 1970-1984
FLST 1986-1999
FLT 1980-1999
Fx 1971-1984
FXD 1991-1999
FXR 1982-1994
FXST 1984-1999
XL 1971-1997

Country Of Origin: USA

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