24-1054 - 39mm Chrome Fork Assembly with 21  Wheel

24-1054 - 39mm Chrome Fork Assembly with 21 Wheel

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Chrome 39mm fork assembly includes a chrome triple tree set fork sliders left side calipers 11-1/2 polished stainless steel brake disc axle fender riser bushings bearing set and 21 wheel.

XL 2004-2022

Country Of Origin: USA

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52-1088 - 21 Replica Front Spoke Wheel
44-0614 - Chrome Front Axle Kit
24-0107 - Chrome 39mm Fork Tube Assembly 23-3/8 Total Length

Accessory Items:
24-1023 - 39mm Brake Hose Cable Clamp
24-0323 - 35mm Forged Aluminum Fork Brace Chrome
23-0675 - Front Brake Hose Clamp

Tech Notes: Drain assembly lube. We recommend 20 weight oil for average conditions.