20-0549 - Primo Pro Clutch Kit

20-0549 - Primo Pro Clutch Kit

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Pro-clutch kit converts old style clutch packs to smooth modern diaphragm spring function.
Pro-Clutch by Rivera Engineering is available for early chain or belt drive with wet or dry clutch. Kit includes clutch hub with bearing clutch discs (friction and steel) diaphragm spring spring retainer pressure plate and 4 shoulder bolts. 1984-up kits ultilize existing clutch basket supplies clutch hub to allow use of clutch plates that increase surface area by 100% to reduce slipping. Use with existing clutch hub.

FLST 1986-1990
FLT 1985-1990
FXR 1985-1990
FXST 1985-1990

Country Of Origin: USA
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