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Developed exclusively for Custom Chrome® by a major U.S. oil company, RevTech® Oil is formulated to meet the demands of Harley-Davidson® V-twin engines. RevTech® Oil has anti-wear characteristics that extend engine life and protect against oil breakdown at high temperatures. Shear-resistant polymers cushion moving parts while fighting friction. Special additives are designed for API CI-4/SL performance to combine the attributes of both automotive gasoline and diesel engine oils. RevTech® Oil contains ingredients which helps prevent valves from sticking, and retards the formation of sludge, varnish and rust in the engine. Compatible with other petroleum lubricants, available in SAE 50, Grade 60 and Grade 70 straight weights as well as 10W40, 20W50 and 25W60 multigrades to meet the needs of all Harley-Davidson® V-twin engines, new or old. RevTech® Oil meets all warranty performance criteria for Harley-Davidson® engines and its use does not void new vehicle warranties. Sold in convenient resealable one quart plastic bottles with a transparent oil level gauge to show exactly how much oil has been used. Owners of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles demand the best, and RevTech® Oil delivers. A premium grade oil test-proven to go the distance, and available only from Custom Chrome®. Sold in cases of 12 (1 quart bottles).

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