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KN-Series Engines for 1936-47 Big Twins

The KN-Series engines are very close in appearance to a stock knucklehead engine, but offer a number of modern features for more power, better engine life, and improved reliability. Aside from the much larger 93” displacement, the main improvement in design is the 1958-65 style flywheel assembly, which uses a splined sprocket shaft and Timken® sprocket shaft bearing. Although this necessitates the use of a 1955-64 style inner tin primary cover and primary chain sprocket, the increased flywheel stability, strength, and power handling capacity are worth a slight departure from stock. Flathead Power rocker arm cover “tins” are another modern improvement. The lower covers are actually made of die-cast aluminum, and instead of being held in place by the valve guide, they are held down by valve spring pressure. A special gasket and o-ring seal on the bottom of the lower “tin” provides a positive seal, and is much easier to service if needed, since the valve guides do not have to be pressed out in order to remove the lower covers.  Also instead of the steel brazed-in hard oil return lines used on
stock tins, S&S has improved the design of the oil line for better reliability and easier assembly and maintenance.  The initial KN93 offering is a standard compression 93” engine with authentic generator style crankcases for early style chassis, primary and transmissions engines with alternator/generator style cases for use with 1970 and later primary covers and late style transmissions For the fall of 2009, KN74 and KN103 engines are planned for both the purist and the power monger.  Flathead Power KN-Series engines come completely assembled and ready to run with a preset S&S Super Stock electronic ignition system and Super E carburetor. KN-Series engines come with a 12 month warranty.  Please note that although we've incorporated many modern technological improvements, those are fairly faithful reproductions. with cast iron heads and
cylinders, they do get hot! They might even leak a little oil-maybe.
KN93 Engines
Style MSRP Part No.
Generator Style $CALL 106-2161
Alternator/Generator Style $CALL 106-2560


S&S® Complete Assembled SH93, SH93H, and SH103 Engines for 1966-84 Chassis

Nothing But The Best!

S&S SH-Series engines for shovelheads are based on the S&S Sidewinder® big bore cylinders and stroker flywheels that we have offered since 1976.  Assembled with S&S crankcases, valve train components, electronic ignition, and S&S cylinder heads, these engines are topped off with great looking S&S polished billet rocker boxes. Engines are available with 1966-69 generator style crankcases, 1970-84 alternator style crankcases, or with custom alternator left/generator right crankcases. Generator style engines feature the S&S polished billet electronic timer loaded with an S&S Super Stock® electronic ignition, and are now available with a polished billet gearcover. The S&S billet tappet guides, used on all SH-Series engines, are designed around the quiet, dependable hydraulic tappets used in 1984-99 engines. The result is an engine for shovelheads with the kind of quiet power that some folks may just have a hard time believing.

Alt/Gen . . . The Best of Both Worlds!

S&S 93" alternator/generator engines have the perfect look for that “Retro" chopper, but give you the option of using a modern alternator charging system or a generator. If a generator is not used on the engine, the generator location is an excellent place to mount a spin-on oil filter; a billet oil filter mount is included with alternator/generator engines for this purpose. In addition, the late style sprocket shaft and primary mounting surface makes it compatible with 1970-‘99 primaries and 4, 5, and 6-speed transmissions.


S&S® SH-Series Engine Specifications

Engine Displacement Bore Stroke Carb Camshaft Piston Type Compression Ratio
SH93 93" 3 5/8" 4 1/2" Super E S&S 585 S&S Cast 8.2:1
SH93H 93" 3 5/8" 4 1/2" Super E S&S 600 S&S Forged 10:1
SH103* 103" 3 5/8" 5" Super G S&S 640 S&S Forged 10.7:1
NOTE: S&S® SH93H engine contains 1984-99 style S&S cam and tappets.
* SH103 will not fit stock chassis: not for everyone!


S&S® P-Series Engines For 1948-99 Big Twin Chasis

Vintage Vibe... Modern Muscle!

In the fall of 2007, S&S introduced an engine with a retro look, but with updated technology. The panhead engine has been hailed as the coolest looking classic engine of all time, and the Flathead Power P-Series engines from S&S capture that retro styling from the 50s and 60s, but with 21st century engineering.  Keep in mind that as cool as these motors look, they are not reproductions.

These engines were built to run!  P-series engines are available in four styles to fit 1948-99 style chassis. One engine style is designed for 1954-‘64 style tin primary applications. These 1955-64 style P-series engines can also be installed in 1948-54 chassis if a 1955-64 style inner tin primary cover is used. Another engine fits 1965-69 style chassis using the early alloy primary. Finally, for retro custom applications, alternator and alternator/generator versions are offered that will fit any stock or custom 1970-99 style chassis. Match your performance needs with a choice of displacements and compression ratios: 93", 93" high compression, or the big and bad 103" model. The P93H and P103 engines come standard with dual plugged heads. While P93 and P93H engines will nearly always fit in stock chassis, P103 engines are .300" taller than stock and will not fit in stock frames without modification.

S&S® P-Series Engine Specifications

Engine Bore Stroke Displacement Camshaft Piston Type Compression Ratio
P93 3 5/8" 4 1/2" 93" S&S 585 S&S Cast 8.2:1
P93H 3 5/8" 4 1/2" 93" S&S 600 S&S Forged 10:1
P103 3 5/8" 5" 103" S&S 640 S&S Forged 10.7:1

S&S P-Series Engine

  • Retro styling with modern technology.

  • Heads – New design based on S&S heads for shovels.

  • Uses S&S roller rockers for shovel engines 1.500 ratio.

  • Uses readily available S&S cylinders for shovels.

  • S&S hydraulic valve train.

  • S&S Super Stock® ignition and billet timer.

  • 93", 93" high compression, and 103" displacements.

  • 1955-64, 1965-69, and custom alternator and alternator/generator styles.

Complete Carbureted S&S® P-Series Engines
Application Style Warranty P93 P93H P103H
Part No. MSRP Part No. MSRP Part No. MSRP
1955-64 Chassis Generator Two Years 106-0819 $CALL 106-0822 $CALL 106-0825 $CALL
1965-69 Chassis Generator Two Years 106-0820 $CALL 106-0823 $CALL 106-0826 $CALL
Custom 1970-99 Generator Two Years 106-2685 $CALL 106-2696 $CALL N/A -
Alternator/Generator Two Years 106-0821 $CALL 106-0824 $CALL 106-0827 $CALL
Notes :
  • P93H and P103 engines come with dual plugged cylinder heads
  • Alternator and alternator/generator engines require transmission with 1970-Up length main shaft and custom exhaust
  • 1955-64 style engines may be installed in 1948-54 chassis if 1955-64 inner primary tin cover is used.


S&S® High Performance Carburetors

S&S Super E ® G "Shorty" Carburetors

The S&S® Super E ® G Carbs were a ground breaking development when they were first introduced in October of 1990. Since then, they have become the best selling performance carburetor in the v-twin aftermarket, and have remained so to this day. With over a half million Super Shorty Carbs in the field, they have without a doubt become the standard by which all performance carbs are judged.

S&S® Super E ® G Carburetor Kits

The complete S&S Super E ® G carburetor kits contain everything you need for a complete installation. These kits include manifolds for engines with stock length cylinders.  Partial Super E and G carburetor kits do not include manifolds and are designed for the individual who purchases an S&S engine kit, which includes a manifold, or owns a bike that is presently equipped with a 1 7/8" S&S Super B carb and wishes to upgrade to an S&S Super E. If you need a carb for a bike with cylinders that are longer or shorter than stock, order the carb kit without the manifold, and order the correct manifold separately.  Also listed are the part numbers for Super E and Super G carbs only.

S&S® Super E Carburetor kits S&S® Super G
Carburetor kits
Models Complete Kit
Manifold Included
Partial Kit
Manifold Not Included
Complete Kit
Manifold Included
Standard Tanks Standard Tanks 5 Gallon Tanks § Standard Tanks
Part No. MSRP Part No. MSRP Part No. MSRP Part No. MSRP
Big Twin Models
1955-'65* 11-0401 $CALL 11-0412 $CALL N/A - N/A -
1966-'78 11-0402 $CALL 11-0412 $CALL 11-0418 $CALL 11-0422 $CALL
1979-'84 11-0411 $CALL 11-0412 $CALL 11-0418 $CALL 11-0431 $CALL
1984-'92 11-0407 $CALL 11-0440 $CALL N/A - 11-0427 $CALL
1993-'99 11-0419 $CALL 11-0442 $CALL N/A - 11-0434 $CALL
1999-'05 11-0450 $CALL N/A - N/A - 11-0451 $CALL
2006 106-0874 $CALL N/A - N/A - 106-0875 $CALL
Harley-Davidson® Sportster® Models
1957-'78 ‡ 11-0404 $CALL N/A - N/A - 11-0424 $CALL
1979-'85 ‡ 11-0406 $CALL N/A - N/A - 11-0426 $CALL
1986-'90 11-0408 $CALL 11-0440 $CALL N/A - 11-0428 $CALL
1991-'03 11-0409 $CALL 11-0443 $CALL N/A - 11-0429 $CALL
2004-'06 11-0470 $CALL N/A - N/A - N/A -
1994-'03 11-0448 $CALL N/A - N/A - N/A -
Carb Only
All Year Groups 11-0420 $CALL N/A - N/A - 11-0421 $CALL
* Outside oil lines that feed heads on knucklehead and 1963-'65 panhead engines must be refabricated or use a 1" spacer block for additional clearance.
‡ Does not fit engines equipped with vertical magneto.
§ Shovelhead engines equipped with .075" longer than stock cylinders in chassis with five gallon gas tanks require additional air cleaner cover to gas tank clearance.
Kits in this column include an air cleaner cover clearanced to fit these engines.
† Some mounting hardware is not included with these kits. Please see line drawings on page 74 in this section for mounting brackets and breather hardware.
NOTE: 1979-'80 engines may be equipped with either o-ring or band style heads. Check before ordering.
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