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Dunham Coach

Les Dunham's "Superfly" accessories available again!

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Les Dunham is Back!

Les with his V8 Motorcycle show bike from the '60's

Les is now available for personal appearances &
speaking engagements! For booking info. please Contact Us

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Dunham Coach & Les Dunham

The Corvette Caballista by the Legendary Les Dunham
For several years now the phrase "What ever happened to Les Dunham?" has been overheard in the custom car circuit. Surfing the internet in search of the "Master Car Builder" would only turn up hopeless cries for help in locating him. Now you've found him and boy has the wait been worthwhile!


Some Facts about the Legend:

  • Les built the "The Corvorado" pictured on the right. This model was the car used in the James Bond movie "Live and Let Die" The Corvorado was a Corvette modified with authentic Cadillac body parts to look like a scaled down Cadillac Eldorado.
  • Les is the builder of the "Scorpion" a very popular show circuit car in the early to mid nineteen sixties.
  • He is one of the very first to build the "Superfly" type car commonly known now as a "Pimpmobile."
  • Les is the originator of the Caballista

Super Fly Car
Superfly Car
Does this car look familiar?

Caballista History

To Learn More about Les Dunham and the fascinating history of the "Caballista" Please click on the logo to the right
Caballista Logo
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